Good Afternoon CSA members!

A few important dates to share. 

1) Saturday, December 24th is the last day of deliveries for the 2016 CSA season. This marks the end of our 38 weeks together and our 8th CSA farm season (Wow, time flies!) 

2) The 2017  CSA  deliveries start Monday, January 16th 2017. If you plan to continue getting veggies/fruit/meat/eggs from all  of us here at the farm  (and we hope you do), please sign up now so we know how many members we are growing for in 2017.  If you wish for us to automatically renew your shares for 2017, email me @ (My sister suggested that it would be easier for her if I renewed her membership, so assuming it would be helpful for others,  I will take on renewing anyone who wishes to have an automatic renewal). OR You can do it yourself by logging in, then click on Sign-Up and then select the share options you would like. 

3) January 2nd-13th Josh and I will have our heads down planning for the 2017 year. We are planning to complete our production plan, our seed order our organic certification application and our budget in this time frame. Right now we are working at getting all of the details compiled to ensure good information for our planning process in January. Please send us your wishes before January 2nd. What you'd like to see more of or less of in your shares. I will be sending out a survey question as well to get feed back but please feel free to email us with your suggestions.

4) Finally, December 24th - January 14th the farm is having a reduced schedule to provide the team with a  rest. The farm will be quiet with the exception of animal chores and Josh's and Patricia's planning.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Many Thanks,