It is a hot, hot Tuesday (important farm update)

Hello Members,

We had to make a few changes to the list for this week. You can see the list below for the updates. For sure it is a greens abundant time on the farm. When you do start eating with the seasons, after a while, you see the trends. Lots of greens for a few weeks because they come fast and then we enter into the new peas and beans time. It all takes precious time. This week you have iceberg lettuce. The heads didn't really form as we would expect but I think that has to do with not having enough water. I need to research more on how to grow it.  It is still tasty. AND you are getting a nice large green leaf. We didn't end up with enough mixed greens for this week so in another week we will have them again. Sorry about that. 

Also, our organic strawberries are ready and so we have them for you. They are in pints not quarts. There are two reasons, one the cost is so much higher so a pint makes it so the share is still full of other goodies and because we don't have enough to harvest a quart for everyone. Look at the add on's and we will have them available for anyone who wishes to purchase them in addition to your share. Fingers crossed we will have more for another run in the shares. 

Canada Day on July! To minimize competing activities, we will deliver shares on THURSDAY JULY 2nd. All the same times and places but on THURSDAY. THURSDAY. THURSDAY. 

For those who pickup at Noggins Sante, Noggins Alderney, Noggins Seaport and The Loop, please take note that we will no longer have 'the van' pickup. We will deliver your shares to the location and you can collect during their open hours from the fabulous staff. It has been a real treat seeing many of you and I will miss this time to connect. Please know that I am right here at the farm working along helping to get food on the table. 

I am wondering if, once again, you could pick a friend or relative to ask if they might consider joining the CSA. The 15 week option is a great way for people to jump in. I wish I could sort out having some kind of benefit or contest but I just don't have the mental/energy ability right now to coordinate that. Basically, if all of you got a member signed on that would be amazing and right where we need to be. 

Josh is having a really hard time managing the stress caused by how dry it is. We are not set up for this much dry weather. We can't even get parts for the irrigation because everyone is needing parts and they are all back ordered. Today I suggested to him that maybe we could ask the volunteer fire departments to partner with farms to help with irrigation but then that is too much to think about. The plants are thirsty. 

Okay, over and out. I am going out to check on share making and veggie packing. These days Lily and her friend Ella build the shares. They do a great job. Betty is washing eggs. It is all coming together. 

Have a great day! 


ps. home deliveries will arrive on Wednesday. Darryl is doing Halifax side and Izaak is doing the Dartmouth side. 

pps. It is a great pleasure and honour to be your middle aged woman farmer alongside our farmer leader Joshua and everyone on the farm! Truly blessed to grow food for you. Thank you!