It is over ~ Week 50 - Thank you for a great 50 weeks

From all of us here at the farm, Thank You!

For those of you leaving TapRoot CSA we want to wish you all the best in your eating endeavours. Nourishing your body with good, clean, fair food is so important for the future of our planet. Thank you for being with us and we hope leaving us means you are joining a different CSA or supporting local farmers in other ways, and for that we are truly grateful. 

For those continuing to be a member of the TapRoot CSA thank you for joining us as we begin year 8 of offering the CSA and year 13 of farming.

As I think you know, without you, none of what we've done at TapRoot over the years would be possible. The pastured pigs, the moveable chicken tractors for the chickens, the non gmo grain production, the organic certification of more and more land each year, building the soil health, the improvements to the buildings and the greenhouses, the ability to provide training and improve housing and opportunities for staff. Truly, your commitment to TapRoot makes all the difference to all of us who work here. Thank you so much!

Please double check that you are signed up for the new season starting Monday. Each year we have a handful of members who assumed it rolled into the next season. You must register by logging in and signing up for a new share. Registration will be closed on Sunday. 

Here we are at another ending and a new beginning.  As we enter into a new season together, I invite you to be mindful of  the soil, the air, the water, the sun, and the people as you take each bite each meal. 

Much love to you,


Denise's Test Kitchen

1) Whenever I see a recipe like this one, for Hawai'ian or sweet and sour pork chops, I think of my dear dad. Growing up, this was a weekly meal at our house, because Dad loved his pork shops! Straight out of the (original) Crock Pot set atop the Harvest Gold stove, pork chop night was a family favourite. So, dust off your crock pot and give these tender pork chops a try. :)

2) Hasselback rutabagas? Yes, please!

3) This apple, kale, and cabbage salad is so colourful and delicious--a perfect welcome to spring!


Thank you for your support of TapRoot Farms this year. I love sharing recipes with our members. :) I hope you've tried some and found them tasty, and I hope you'll be joining us for another year on the farm. :)  ~Denise