July 15 TapRoot Farms 2014 CSA Newsletter

Hello from rainy Tuesday!

Welcome to Week 16 (50-week shares) and Week 2 (36-week shares)!


Meat Share Week 8

Welcome to the eighth week of the 2014/2015 TapRoot meat share!

This week your share contains:

1 Whole Chicken from TapRoot Farms

1 2/pack Chicken Breast (with bone) from TapRoot Farms

1 2/pack Pork Chops from TapRoot Farms

1lb Ground Beef from the Rands (TapRoot Farms' neighbour)


Cost breakdown of your share:

1 Whole Chicken @ $4.50/lb, average 3 lbs                                        $13.50

1 2/pack Chicken Breast (with bone) @ $8.00/lb, average 1.4lbs        $11.20

1 2/pack Pork Chops @ $6.25/lb                                                          $6.25

1lb Ground Beef @ $5.50/lb                                                                 $5.50

                                                                                           Total:          $36.45


This week you'll be receiving a very summer-friendly, bbq-friendly meat pack (just in time for a few days of rain!). We've got a whole chicken, chicken breast, and pork chops for you from our animals here at TapRoot Farms. We also have some ground beef from our neighbour's pastured beef - perfect for summer hamburgers. We hope you enjoy your share and have lots of opportunities to eat outside on sunny decks over the next couple weeks!

Animal update:

We don't have any new baby animal news for now, but everyone is growing and happily frolicking in pastures, enjoying the summer weather. Here's a photo of our beef cattle happily munching away:


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about your meat share, feel free to email us at Justine@taprootfarms.ca.

We hope you have a fantastic couple weeks!

Faces of the Farm: Meet the TapRoot Team who grow your food!

Here's the fine farmers I caught up with today (click the link to read more):

Meet Cornelius   |   Meet Tim R.   |   Meet Tim C.   |   Meet Sylvan   |   Meet Evelyn

Veggie Share Cooking and Storage Tips


Bok Choi is a very mild Asian cooking green. It can also be called bak choi or pac choi.

Storage Tips

Cooking Tips


Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


Garlic scapes form out of the top of the garlic plant in early June. Garlic growers remove them so that the plant will put more energy into creating a large bulb. If left on the plant they form small purple bulbils at the tips, which can be planted and will turn into new plants. Garlic scapes are milder and sweeter in flavour than storage garlic. The harvest happens all at once, and so it is only available for a short window in early summer.

Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


We grow lots of delicious, crunchy lettuce at TapRoot Farms!  It makes a regular appearance in your share box, nearly each week in summer.

Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


These early summer treats are lower in starch than their winter storage counterparts. Potatoes are a good source of complex carbohydrates.

Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


Eat these peas in the pods. They are best just after they are harvested before the sugars turn into starch. They are a good source of vitamins A, C, K, and the B’s, along with being high in vegetable protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


Tastiest when fresh and relatively small sized. They dehydrate rapidly. Summer squash is easily digested, nourishing and cooling, perfect for July and August. They are also a good source of vitamins and calcium.

Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, July 13, 2014 - Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meat Share 2014

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50 & 36 Week Veggie Share 2014

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<-- Here's a beautiful fruit and veggie mosaic made by member Anna out of last week's shares contents!  Gorgeous!

Have a great week!

--The TapRoot Team