July 22 TapRoot Farms 2014 CSA Newsletter

Hello from the farm!

This is week 17 if you are a 50-week member, Week 3 if you have joined us in the 36-week CSA!


Cherry Orchard, or Jungle Safari?  By Tim C.

This past Sunday Josh and I met up with members at the Squash Barn before a short walk to the cherry orchard. Along the way we admired the tomatoes under the hoop houses, failed to spot any pigs hiding in the shade, waved to neighbours, and noted that the tide was out. 

Josh continued the tour at the orchard with a bit of a safety lesson. I was surprised to discover that the cherry orchard was more of a fortification. Low level electric fences, live capture traps, simulated owl and crow screeching, and my favourite, the cannon! I felt like we were entering a game preserve. Some of the younger children were a bit reluctant. Josh explained that he is basically trying everything he can (including some Nova Scotian innovations) to keep critters out. He said, "Everything wants to eat cherries." I understand why.

The orchard has a bunch of varieties. I walked the entire length of rows reading all the signs, but can't recall a single variety. I was distracted by the canopy. Branches drooping with huge bunches and clusters. And incredibly shaded. It would have felt like a scene from a pastoral art film if it weren't for the screeching monkeys and bird deterring fireworks. 

After some chit chat we all got down to business, filling pints to take home. I filled three pints standing in one place, from one branch, and I didn't even lift my arm above my shoulder. I believe that's what's called, "Good pickin'" on the farm. 

The cherry orchard tour and u-pick was the highlight of my week. We always hope people can find a chance to visit the farm, to see, participate, and get a feel for the place. Thanks to those of you for coming this past Sunday, and to all CSA members who continue to support the farm. If you haven't made it to the farm yet, we will create an excuse to get you here.  See you all soon. Maybe at next month's corn boil, or Open Farm Day in September.

Pastured Piglet Photo Update

Jon and I spend a lot of time near these piglets, and I am usually snapping photos!  Here's a link to the blog and lots more photos: Click here

Faces of the Farm: Meet the TapRoot Team who grow your food!

Our series continues, this week:

Meet Jem   |   Meet Gerald   |   Meet Aliah   |   Meet Jill

Veggie Share Cooking and Storage Tips

Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

The early carrots are harvested in bunches with their tops.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

Fennel has a mild licorice flavour, and is often used in Italian dishes.  The white bulb is the main vegetable, but the green tops can be used as well, and early in the season we harvest and send the entire plant in your share box.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

Garlic scapes form out of the top of the garlic plant in early June.  Garlic growers remove them so that the plant will put more energy into creating a large bulb. If left on the plant they form small purple bulbils at the tips, which can be planted and will turn into new plants.  Garlic scapes are milder and sweeter in flavour than storage garlic.  The harvest happens all at once, and so it is only available for a short window in early summer.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


Culinary Tips

ONIONS, GREEN (Scallions)
At TapRoot Farms we grow lots of green onions, so they make a regular appearance in the shares.  They can be eaten raw or added at the last minute to cooked dishes.  They have a much milder flavor than onions.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

PEAS, SHELLING (Peas in the pod)
Eat the contents of these peas, but not the shells. They are best just after they are harvested before the sugars turn into starch. They are a good source of vitamins A, C, K, and the B’s, along with being high in vegetable protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

Recipes: Maritime Hodgepodge

When I spent my first summer in Nova Scotia, all of a sudden I started seeing "Hodgepodge" on all the signs outside the farm markets.  I had to learn what it was, because this is something that is unique to the east coast of Canada!  I've collected a few different versions of the recipe to share with you, ranging from healthy to traditional!

This recipe comes to us from a member: 

My Maritime Hodgepodge from Wendy at Simple Balance (dairy and gluten-free)

Here's a couple more traditional versions:

Nova Scotia Vegetable Hodge Podge from Select Nova Scotia (lighter - uses 1% milk)

Traditional Maritime Hodgepodge (Grandmother's recipe-- with butter and heavy cream!)

Some new items in the Add ons section!

Did you know you can order items from the farm to come along with your weekly share box?  More details about ordering add ons located here

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<-- Great photo of Louise weeding the cabbage last week, taken by Jocelyn.

Have a great week!

--The TapRoot Team