July 29 Newsletter Supplement

Hi folks,

This week you will receive a copy of the monthly TapRoot/Noggins newsletter as a separate email, as well as this one which has your meat share update, shares contents, and cooking and storage tips for the veggie share.


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TapRoot Meat Share Week 9

Welcome to the ninth week of the 2014/2015 TapRoot meat share!

This week your share contains:

1 Whole Chicken from TapRoot Farms

1lb Traditional English Style Pork Sausage from Salmontail River Farm

1 Ham or Pork Shoulder Steak from TapRoot Farms

1 Pack No-Nitrate Bacon from TapRoot Farms

Cost breakdown of your share:

1 Whole Chicken @ $4.50/lb, average 3lbs                               $13.50

1lb Traditional English Style Pork Sausage  @ $8.00/lb           $8.00

1 Ham or Pork Shoulder Steak @ $5.00/lb, average 1.3lbs      $6.50

1lb No-Nitrate Bacon @ $7.50/lb                                               $7.50

                                                                                       Total:   $35.50


We picked up some of our freshly cut pork last week so you'll be enjoying some of it in this week's share. Each share includes one ham or pork shoulder steak and a pack of our no-nitrate bacon. The shares also include a pound of Traditional English Style pork sausage made by our friend Helen at Salmontail River Farm. Made with TapRoot ground pork, these homemade sausages also include water, wheat rusk, salt, pepper, sage and spices. And last but not least, your share this week will include another one of our own whole chickens. We hope you enjoy everything and if you have any favorite recipes you like to use with our meat, please send them to us so that we can share them with all of our members!

And, as I'm actually away on vacation during your meat share week, I have no up-to-date animal news to share with you, but I'll be sure to include lots of photos and stories of our animals in the next meat blog.

I hope you have a great week!

As usual, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about your meat share, feel free to email us at Justine@taprootfarms.ca.

Veggie Share Cooking and Storage Tips

Cherries are harvested ideally when they are ripe but still firm.  At TapRoot Farms we grow several varieties of cherries, which means that there is a continual supply at the peak of harvest as the season progresses.
 Storage Tips

Cooking Tips

Bok Choi is a very mild Asian cooking green.  It can also be called bak choi or pac choi.
Storage Tips

Cooking Tips

Sweet corn is best the day you pick it up. If you wait a few days it becomes starchy and less sweet.  Corn combined with most beans or dairy forms a complete protein.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

Tastiest when fresh and relatively small sized.  They dehydrate rapidly.  Summer squash is easily digested, nourishing and cooling, perfect for July and August. They are also a good source of vitamins and calcium.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips

We grow lots of delicious, crunchy lettuce at TapRoot Farms!  It makes a regular appearance in your share box, nearly each week in summer.
Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


Culinary Tips


Cucumbers are mainly water and once they are harvested they tend to shrivel very fast (for this reason, most commercial cucumbers are sold waxed).   Cucumbers help replenish the fluids & minerals we lose during the hot summer months.  Cucumbers can be an effective skin conditioner because they are high in vitamin E.  Try rubbing an end slice or a peeling to your face for a refreshing experience.
Storage Tips               

Culinary Tips

Early in the season you will receive fresh garlic in your share.  
Storage Tips

Cooking Tips

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, July 27, 2014 - Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Have a great week!

--The TapRoot Team