Last week of May

Hello Everyone,

It is amazing. It is the last week of May.We are planting up a storm here on the farm.We are working to get land ready and transplants into the ground. It is go time that is for sure. We are wanting to direct seed the parsnips, carrots and beets but we are hoping to see a little rain in the forecast so we can plant just before the rain so the seeds get watered in. If no rain then we will need to irrigate them in. 

The crops we seeded weeks ago are now ready for harvest. Beet greens this week in your shares. AND our first sprigs of Asparagus will arrive in your shares next week. Those of you getting a two week box will have a few this week. - here is a short video of Lily discing a field and me talking. 

This week we also have sunchokes in the shares.  Here is an article that has a nice story and some good looking recipes to test out.

AND if you have some time and motivation, this site has some delicious rhubarb recipes. Our oven broke what feels like nearly a year ago. Seeing these recipes and dreaming of baking them has me motivated to get into replacement action. A good working oven is such a treat! (we have a stove for seasonal staff down stairs so we have access, but having the oven right in the kitchen is pretty awesome).

This is the final week of the two week deliveries. We will go back to once per week for everyone on Wednesday June 10th. 

I am sure there is other news but I can't think of it now. Hoping you are well! 

Have a lovely day!

Your Farmer, 


ps. daily yoga is going great! I am really feeling good. It is helping my back a lot. Thanks for the encouraging emails.