Love it all ~ please

Happy Monday CSA members,

Just now:

Jem, Ed and Rhea are making shares.

Justine, Kim and Cindy are sorting onions.

Izaak and Josh are washing acorn squash.

Garfield is trimming kohlrabi.

And I am taking a picture to send to you. 

Veggies over time in storage begin to break down. Breaking down doesn't mean that are not delicious, it mostly means they don't always look great and need a trim here and there. We are just at the start but I wanted to give you a heads up because I noticed the carrots and the sweet potatoes today. 

The sweet potatoes were washed before Christmas and we should not have done that. Therefore you will see spots of mold on them. They just need to be peeled and cooked. All good.

The carrots also have marks, nothing different than what you are use to, but again as the winter months unfold please take note that the carrots may not look great but they sure do taste great. 

Our New Year awareness raising - these are not bad apples - these are delicious veggies. ~Love it all please~