March 25 delivery Notice

Good Morning Everyone, 

I am hopeful you are all healthy and safe on this glorious spring morning. Here we are at the farm. Jeffery, Michael, Betty, Makaila, & Tim practicing 6 feet spacing.

Josh and Izaak are in isolation so not near any of us (banished to the barn for two weeks). We are keeping our distance from each other as much as is possible in our work space. Makaila is wiping down door knobs and handles about 6 times a day. Hands have always been washed before we begin in our work space but we are upping the frequency of that too. The work carries on of washing, trimming, bagging, seeding, harvesting and delivering. 

As for the eggs, I am collecting those after Izaak and Josh leave the barn. I am masked and hand sanitized for opening doors. Josh and Izaak feed and water the chickens but don't touch the eggs. The eggs come back to the warehouse and Betty cleans them and puts them in egg cartons. 

This morning I completed my yoga class in the living room which felt so GREAT! I have been running a bit too fast this past week. My intention for today is slowing down, to be calm and smile.

My ask of you in the next couple of days is to please log into your account and make sure your phone number and civic address are correct. My sense is that we will need to deliver to your door next week, but I will confirm this later. 

I am going now to create the share list for next week and get it posted. 

Enjoy the day CSA friends.

Take Care! 


(your middle-aged woman farmer)