May 13 Delivery Notice

Good Morning,

We are loading and heading out shortly.  This week is a 2 week week. If you selected every two weeks, come this week. 

A few important notices:

1) NETTLES in your shares this week. There are three bags: One has kale. One has spinach and One has NETTLES. Please do not touch the nettles with your hands. You must handle the nettles with care. They will sting you. The sting will go away, but it is uncomfortable. I use a bag over my hand to handle  them in the kitchen. They are nutritious and delicious but require care. There are recipes being shared on the facebook group and there are some on our site too. If you search taproot farms and nettles some recipes that we have tried and loved will come up. Soup, pesto, sauce, steamed, blended, tea, etc. 

2) We did not have enough spicy greens when we harvested so we changed it to spinach. 

2A) Maple Syrup Bulk Purchase Add on is delivered this week! 

3) For those of you who are getting two weeks in one, I am really sorry but we are pushing the rhubarb and it is just not ready this week. It will be perfect next week, but we could only get 10 bunches and we needed 41. SO I am providing you with blueberries because I can't make the rhubarb grow faster for our delivery deadline. 

4) ALSO made a couple changes to the meat share. I forgot and put ground pork in so next week will be ground beef. Sorry about that. we go. See some of you soon. Wishing you all a fabulous day!