May 23 at TapRoot

Good Morning CSA Members:

This email is going out to all CSA members who have signed up in 2019. Those of you who are currently getting a share and those who will be in the coming weeks. There are five weeks remaining in our Winter/Spring 2019 CSA share. One week remaining for the full month members (mark your calendar for June 13 for the 6th and final delivery)  And for those who have joined us for one week for the TapRoot test week - your delivery will be on June 6th. This is an example of the email communication that comes on and off throughout your CSA membership. Sign up is open for the Summer/Fall 2019 offering that starts July 1st.

We are loading up the van now. Josh, Melvin and Brogan are loading and Brogan is heading off on our CSA deliveries this morning. As I have been nursing a slow to heal back issue Brogan has been so amazingly helpful to us all. 

Reminder to you that this week the Hutchinson's Maple Syrup you ordered is on board. Attached to the delivery list is an invoice for you to please sign that you have received your maple syrup. That paper will come back to the farm for us to match with your payment. Thank you! If for some reason you thought you ordered and it is not listed by your name on the delivery list, please email me and we will sort it out. 

The maple syrup add on is a bulk purchase option that we strive to offer at least once a year. As a CSA we are able to come together and purchase larger volumes of items and share the cost savings with each other. It works out great for all of us. Hutchinson's gets a good size order, as members we get a reduced price, and as a farm we get a few dollars for the management of the transaction, enough to cover the costs. Benefit all around. If you have ideas for bulk purchase options (annually or a few times) that you would like for us to add please let me know. 

You have received a few emails from us regarding farm events. This weekend we are hosting an Open House. The idea with the farm events is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to come here to the farm to see and learn and experience WHERE your food is growing, WHO is growing it and HOW we are growing it. You don't need to wait for an open house event to come. As members you are welcome to come to the farm anytime. We welcome you to stroll around and check in on your veggies.  So if you are up for it, join us on Sunday, May 26 11 AM - 3 PM Open House. The next event is August 18th. (

The farm is wet. The soil is cold. Cold and wet soil is not conducive to germinating or prepping land for planting. It also is hard on everyone working outside in the cold and wet to stay upbeat and positive. We have been able to work in the tunnels, getting tomatoes, radish, beet greens, mixed greens, green onions, spring turnip, etc. planted and we had a few breaks where we accessed land to plant carrots and beets. We were not able to access the land to flame weed the carrots and beets before they popped up out of the soil so that means a lot more hand weeding will be required and or more weeds and if more weeds then possibly a compromised yield. Let's plan on getting ahead of them with hand weeding and all will work out nicely! We use flame weeding to kill the weeds, it is literally at tank of propane on the back of the tractor with torches creating rows of flames that burn the weeds as they pop up out of the ground just before the beets and carrots pop up. So then the carrots and beets pop and grow. 

This morning Tim is bagging nettles for markets. I have been eating them a lot. My fast food nettle dish is: chopped onion, chopped potatoes (amount depends on size of soup I am making), bouillon (whichever is available in spice drawer), bag of nettles, handful of spinach or other greens on hand. boil until potatoes are soft. blend with hand blender or you can mash it. I serve with pepper and salt if needed and top with cheese or ferments if i have some. Takes 20 minutes maximum to make. I don't chop the nettles I just dump them all in, stem and all. 

I found a recipe for a nettle panna cotta - looks amazing. I haven't made it yet. The images are beautiful.

This week you have chives and lovage in the share box. Here is more information about  Lovage: You can eat the greens in salads or use stalks and leaves in soups. Many people report that it tastes like celery. All parts of the plant can be used. In my short amount of research, the stalks are used as straws too.

Please share with us what you decide to cook or prepare with your lovage.

Herbs can also be stored for use later. With chives I have found freezing them works well. Here is a link with some good ideas.

Fiddleheads are a spring delicacy. There are numerous recipes for them. Rinse, rinse, trim if required (brown ends), and cook. Learn more:

The cooler is getting empty. Those few bin stacked up there are rutabaga. This week or next we will wash and paint the small cooler and then move all items into the small cooler so we can shut down and wash out this big cooler to be clean and ready for another season. 

Other important items: 

With Gratitude,