Mini Monday Update

Good Morning CSA Members:

Just a quick note to say....

  1. thank you for accommodating the change last week! 
  2. the share lists are posted, I am sorry for the delay. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were wild full on adventure days of farm life. 
  3. for Summer Valley Fruit and Summer Valley Veggie CSA members, we have this week, Oct 7 and Oct 14 and that is the end of our share offering this year. Amazing. If you would like to sign up for the TapRoot Veg and Fruit for the rest of the year you are invited to. Just be sure to wait until Oct 14 to sign up otherwise it will start it right away. 
  4. Egg share members, finally the chickens are back in action. You will find some blue eggs among the brown. We are mixing it up and got some hens that lay blue eggs. BUT also, there were not a lot of hens available for brown eggs so we accepted the blues with open arms. 
  5. A note on local food availability, fyi, one of the farmers who grows large amounts of beets, carrots and onions is out of beets. It is really alarming to learn of this information because it shows how fragile our local food supply truly is. I do not know what happened but for them to be out now is really a lot of beets we don't have in Nova Scotia. 
  6. CBC is here now doing a piece re food security and COVID. Got to run.

Have a fabulous day! 


(your middle-aged woman farmer)