Missed Deliveries - Options

Good Evening.

Dear members at Hope Church (Oxford/Edgewood) and Fredricks Ave CSA Members:

As you know Adam was extremely late. We are sorry for not being in touch much sooner and thank you for the messages to inform us. 

For those who did not get your share(s) here are the options:

1) We are going to St. Marks on Russell Street tomorrow (because of missed delivery from the storm on Monday) We will be there between 4-6 PM. 

2) Thursday we deliver to Noggins Seaport and Noggins Sante Centre and we have a pickup at YWCA in Spryfield. 

3) As Justine mentioned in her email, check out the locations section of the website and if there is another location that works for you we will do all we can to make it work. 

4) We can tag your share from this week and deliver it next week if you wish. 

Many thanks for your patience, or if not patience, then hopefully understanding as we work this out with you. 

Oh dear, first week of snow and things are all up in arms, well from my perspective anyway.

The van leaves at 1 PM tomorrow so please let us know tonight/ early tomorrow what option you'd like. 

Many thanks!