Monday Farm Check in

Good Morning from the farm! 

I just took a quick walk over to check on the lettuce as one member was asking when lettuce will be coming. It is coming very soon! This is the romaine and the next patch of spinach coming along nicely. 

You are getting this message because you signed up for a TapRoot Farms CSA membership.  Many of you have been getting food from the farm since the beginning of the year and others of you will be starting very soon. In a few weeks our summer/ fall CSA offering will start. 

This spring, like all springs on the farm has been an adventure. Although, I must say, 2020 is pushing our limits, stretching us in ways we could not have planned for. Yet, many things don't change. Preparing the soil, planting the seeds, waiting in anticipation for germination and emergence, weeding, tending and finally harvesting. This cycle continues amidst  the chaos of this pandemic, climate change & weather events, and the uprising, awaking & need for action against systemic racism. The cycle continues amidst fear, sadness, anger and loneliness. AS these experiences open up our minds and hearts to new ways forward, we can look to the farm as a symbol of renewal, hope, nourishment and love. We plant the seeds. We grow food. We nourish ourselves and the earth. We nourish our future. Connecting to the farm is really important to do right now. When we strip away everything else, when we focus on our basic needs as humans on this planet, our basic needs in community, we need to share food.

As members of the CSA you are welcome to visit the farm anytime you like. It is a perfect time of year to come for a stroll around the farm. We have two farm locations 1736 Church Street and 451 Canard Street.  See what is growing in the tunnels & in the fields. You do not need to call or make an appointment. You can just come. You can tell us when you are here that you are a CSA member and introduce yourself. Of course, keeping 6 ft distance and wearing mask and keeping hands washed is important. At 1736 Church Street look out for stinging nettles. AND no dogs please. Otherwise, come along anytime and see where and how your food is growing. 

You all should also know that because of the changes in access to farmers markets, and therefore a significant reduction in sales, we are offering in partnership our family farm Noggins two additional share options. AND additional locations. You are welcome to check these options out ( and if you wish to make a change by all means be in touch. 

The additional offerings are:

I am running off now to take Frank our youngest (grade 7) to clean out his locker. They 15 minute appointments for locker clean up. I wonder how it will feel for him to enter the school after so many weeks away. I expect it could be a bit sad. So many difference experiences with new emotions surfacing. 

Have a lovely day! Many thanks! We truly and deeply appreciate you! 


(your middle aged woman farmer)