Monday Morning Message

Good Morning to You,

Just a quick note to say I am working to get through all of the email messages to confirm your preference for safety re share pickup. I spent most of Friday afternoon doing this and still have over 100 messages so I will get them done today. Thank you! 

I will also get the shares posted shortly.  (they will be: leeks, red fingerlings, butter cup squash, tomatoes & cucumber (certified organic from Schurman Family Farm our good friends from College), Gravenstein Apples (apple sauce or crisp or pie)

I will be sending out an update for pickup details for those who are wanting some accommodations. Please know I am working at it and will be in touch soon.

For those following my sharing of Izaak moving out and onward, Izaak is doing great. He is getting settled and sorting out his way. His first realization was that he had no cutlery. For some reason he packed his protractor kit triangle (his love of math/physics so thinks his mother). He ate his mr. noodles with the triangle. The next day he sorted out some travel cutlery. Oh my.

The sun this morning was positively amazing, such a refreshing and comforting way to start the last day of November.