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Good Afternoon CSA Members,

Welcome to the few new members. 

Because of the state of emergency we all find ourselves experiencing we have been working to sort out how to best serve you. 

Thank you for the many responses to my earlier emails this week. The responses have informed me that we will offer both weekly and biweekly service. I realize many of you do not have storage for more than that. AND I realize many of you are working hard to fulfill the stay at home order. So, this presents some technical challenges that are totally doable, but I need to get a new system underway. Our data base system is not built for this kind of  maneuvering.

Long story short, can you please complete this form: It is a google form. 

For those of you who would like to connect on social media as members, I have created a TapRoot CSA Members 2020 Group. It is a private group. There are 123 of us a present. Many members to not use social media. For those of you who do, here we go. . I could make some of you admin's of the group if you like. Also, this might be a way to organize around the video clip ideas and then in the newsletter I can share details with everyone. Also some of you have offered to come help on the farm. When there is a task that we need help with then yes we will reach out. Thank you so much! 

We appreciate all for your kind words of support.  

Take Care,