Moving Forward: 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,


We are restarting, rebooting, reviving for a robust, resilient and delicious next 10 years of farming. We can't imagine a reboot without you!


We have challenged ourselves to consider what we can manage personally, and specially me (Patricia), what I can manage physically. 


For 2020 we are offering 51 weeks of a weekly box of vegetables & fruit mix and the option to  get a meat box as well. Eggs will be available as an add on. Sign Up IS Open.


We will deliver to various locations on Wednesdays. The hours will allow me to be home with our family by 6 PM.  Frank and Lily will be home for the next 3- 5 years and I would like to be available for them as much as I possibly can for these years.


We are offering home delivery in Metro for the first time. You are welcome to collaborate with some friends to make a pickup location that is a home location for a few of you and we can sort out sharing the delivery cost for that. (email if not clear) 


The delivery locations are listed below. Thanks to Noggins locations, Mimi at The Loop and Dan at Dinah's Sourdough for hosting locations this coming year. 


For those of you who sign-up, our first order of business is to select seeds. I will be reaching out soon to get your likes and dislikes so we can start the decade off right, ordering the seeds that produce the foods you love most. 


If you would like us to sign you up, just click here and we will do it for you. 


Here we are, Josh and I on our morning walk around the farm. We are establishing this new routine for ourselves. A moment in time to be quiet and present on the farm, trusting. We are your middle aged organic farmers stepping into 2020 with you. 


Peace and Love, 



TapRoot Farm: 451 Canard Street 8 AM – until you pickup 
Noggins Greenwich: 10009 Hwy #1, 9 AM - Friday at 5 PM 
Dinah's Sourdough:  3540 Novalea Drive, Halifax 12PM -4 PM
Noggins @ Seaport: 1209 Marginal Rd. Halifax 12PM –5PM 
The Loop: 1557 Barrington Street Halifax 12 PM – 6 PM
Noggins Sante Centre: 5 Martin Drive, Hammonds Plains 12PM – 7:00PM 
Noggins Alderney Gate Market: 2 Octerloney Street 12PM - 7 PM 
METRO - Home Delivery - within a 15 minute radius of Seaport Farmers Market. 9AM - 4PM
Home Deliveries: Within a 15 minute radius of farm. 8AM - 5PM