No Deliveries - Truck Breakdown

Hi All, 

This day has been all over the map. We had a larger wholesale delivery and drove into town in a large refrigeration truck, instead of our usual veggie-mobile (aka the van). It was pretty snowy, there was a lost phone situation and on top of that we were running a little behind on deliveries, as Patricia expertly, but...slowly drove the "big rig" downtown. 

But wait...there's more! The truck is now broken down on Yukon st. and Harvard St. just north of Quinpool. Patricia will be stuck in this spot for 1 hr before she is towed back to the valley! (The cab of the truck was filling with smoke and something has happened to the break on the front left side of the truck)

There are two things that can happen now:

1) You are more then welcome to meet the truck at Yukon and Harvard St. to collect your shares, for the next hour (until 3:40 pm) until the tow truck arrives. 

2) We will be bringing your shares into the city tomorrow, or will make some form of accommodations to get you your shares before the end of the week. We will send out more information when we have it. Patricia will give you a call, or feel free to call the farm at your covenience to figure out next steps. 

We apologies big time for this! And please send Patricia some love this has been a crazy day!