No Rain

Dear TapRoot Members,

This is the first time in all of our 14 years farming that we recall going this long without rain on the crops. In Josh's words, 'this is bad'.

One of the blessings of living and farming in Nova Scotia is that we get a lovely mixture of rain and heat most all of the time. 

Josh and the team are out all of the time right now working at getting water moved. It is the focus. Checking which crops will survive until tomorrow and which ones will not. He just checked the sweet cherries, they are really suffering too. Not only do the vegetable crops need to have the water the fruit crops as well. Without water the fruit is very small.

There are transplants down on the dyke that will get water tomorrow. Issue there is that there is no access to water. The plan is to test the river water for salinity and hope to goodness it is low enough to pump from. If it is too salty it will kill the crops. 

We know that many of you got rain, we haven't had more than about two drops. Saturday we were so hopeful and then nothing. Feels like high stakes right now. 

We just want you to know that  this is what we are thinking about and problem solving right now ~ at this very moment.  

If you can, please send some positive intentions of rain our way!

Take Care and Thinking of you all!