Noggins Greenwich Pick-Up Details

Good Afternoon, 

This email is confirming that you are scheduled to pickup your CSA share box on Wednesday at the Noggins Market in Greenwich. 

The shares will arrive by 8AM. It is ideal for you to collect on the day of delivery so they have the space in their cooler but also so you have the freshest possible food. They are open until 8 PM. 

The meat is placed on the bottom shelf of the freezer in the market, on the right hand side. They are in brown bags. You can ask the market staff to assist you if you wish, or you can just go and grab it:) 

The delivery list will have your name, what share box you get and any add on's you have purchased. If you do not agree with what the delivery list says, please email me and we can sort it out. Please don't try to change it in the moment of pickup because it will have a domino effect. One thing that can often happen is members order their add on's later than the database allows for the current week. You need to order 24 hours in advance of the day of delivery for it to be included. Your invoice will say the date. 

Thanks a bunch!