OUR FIRST Week: A few details

Welcome to the TapRoot Farms CSA and the Noggins Corner Farm Summer Fruit and Summer Veggie Share boxes. 

I will be sending along a few messages in the next few days, please try to take a moment and review them. 

Ways to connect with us:

  1. email csa@taprootfarms.ca
  2. facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1759801034161996/) Called TapRoot Farms CSA 2020 Group (to join the group ask for permission and then we will accept you to the group, it is helpful if you PM us to tell us your CSA name in the event it is different from your FB name or if there are a few of you with a CSA membership who would like to be a part of the group. Thanks to CSA member Nancy who offered to take leadership in forming and helping with the group.) 
  3. phone numbers: Patricia's cel 902 670 3277 (if you text please start with Trish CSA Sante, so I will know you are Trish, a CSA member who picks up at Sante) Josh's cel 902 670 4538 ( he can help answer farming related questions but not delivery related details, I do that part) or the office 902 542 3277 (Katelyn can help between 8 - 5 each Monday - Friday) 
  4. Stop by the farm 451 Canard Street or 1736 Church Street - The 1736 Church Street is where we live. 451 Canard Street activity is for sure happening Monday - Saturday 7:30 - 6 PM. After hours people are around but not a sure then you will meet up with someone. 

I have created a short view to mention the first few things that will help us have a successful experience together.... click here to watch

I you would rather read vs watch the video, here is what I mention:

Many thanks,


ps. shelling peas are ready so they will also go into the veggie/fruit share box this week. 

pps. a note on plastic - typically we actively work to reduce the amount of plastic used in the shares. it is still our intention to keep plastic to a minimum however right now we are bagging more than usual. normally you would expect to get a weighed amount of peas that we place in the share box and then you pick them out and put them into your bags. for the moment we are bagging all of these loose items. as the weeks unfold we may revisit our usual practice. 

pps. thanks a bunch - got to run and check on beet bunching. WOW they look so delicious.