Oct 13 Farm Update

Good Morning CSA Members. 

So a few biggish things to communicate: 

1) See below a video sharing the information on potatoes and quality and this year. AND sorry the video cut off, we were about to say, 'trim and cook'. What we didn't say here is that our options are to throw them all away OR share them with you for us to all make the best of a scab and wire worm potato disaster. This situation is exactly the sort of situation where being a part of a CSA is about experiencing the up's and down's along side the farm and farmers. We really wish that the potatoes did not look this way. We really do. I peeled and trimmed and made a delicious potato scallop the other evening. 

2) This is the final week for summer valley veg and summer valley fruit share. Thank you so much! If you are wishing to continue with the TapRoot fruit and veg box you are welcome to sign up after tomorrow, Wednesday, and it will go until mid December. 

3) Just a reminder that our intention is to send you great quality and delicious fruit and veggies. If you get something that is not good please send us a Bad Apple report, an email with a picture, and we will send a replacement the next week. OR if you are missing something, please let us know. Obviously as outlined below, there are times when quality doesn't meet our expectations and like in this case now, we work together. BUT for the most part, you should feel really good about the food. If you don't, please don't hold back, please send me an email so we can sort it out. 

I hope you have enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving. Josh celebrated his 47th birthday yesterday. 

Take Care,