Online Meeting Update

Hello All,

The most popular time for the members meeting is Tuesday at 8 PM. 

As it turns out my ideal online meeting is far beyond our budget. (ideal being: everyone can log in participate or listen or text or listen later)

JoinMe has recording option. I am thinking for those who wish to participate, please email and I will add your name to the list of meeting participants. Everyone else, I will post a recording of the meeting for you to listen to.

Some of you have suggested a facebook meeting. I have NO idea how to do this. 

Skype is also an option. My skype is patriciabishop542. 

I think it would be best if we could establish who wishes to participate at this time. Then we can speak directly to you to set it up - so please email me if you want to be on the call/meeting Tuesday at 8 PM.

Thanks a million!

Have a lovely Sunday evening!