Open Source

Good Day CSA Members:

I hope you are having a good day adjusting to the sounds of wind and the lovely sight of snow. 

I am taking today as an opportunity to catch up on a few things and this has been on my mind to share with you.  HarvestHand ( is an online platform that was created a number of years ago when we were a couple of years into our CSA. CSA member Mike Caplan basically came to our rescue with his skills as a programmer/designer. Together Mike and I created HarvestHand with a focus and intention of helping CSA farmers manage the CSA membership, sales, and social media for the purpose of supporting the larger vision of a vibrant local food system. Over the years HH has evolved and now in 2017 we have decided the best course of action for us, and we hope, the local food community is for HarvestHand to be open sourced. 

HH is open source and recently shared on github:  If you have ideas about how to make HH better for you as a member of a CSA  we welcome contributors.  Our vision is to make HH the best tool for CSA farms and customers alike.

If this interests you please feel free to dive right in and feel free to share. 

Have a fantastic day!