Opening up Share offering

Good Morning,

Yesterday was an adventure. The van decided to break down....but it did allow me to limp it along to the dealership where they fit it right in AND had the part in inventory which was really great news. I was not able to finish all of the deliveries to Organic Earth, Pete's Halifax and King's Wharf. Izaak is delivering them for me today. I trust all went smoothly for you. The double up and home delivery additions had my brain in high gear. If I made some errors please let me know. I know I forgot to provide a double up of eggs to one CSA member. Oh dear. We will get it sorted. ~Thanks 

Like last year, we are offering a Spring/Summer/Fall CSA offering that includes: 

If you wish to switch your CSA from the current combined Veggie/Fruit Share to the Fruit Share Only and/or Veggie Share Only please go ahead and sign-up for it.

To sign-up, please log-in and select the shares you want. 

After you sign-up, send along an email explaining exactly what you want so we do it all correctly. 

Your sign up will trigger Katelyn and I to refund you the current combined Veggie/Fruit and apply your payments to the new shares AND we will send you an updated statement so it is all clear. From that updated statement you can make payments. Please don't send any payments along until after we adjust it all. 

If you wish to keep your current combined Veggie/Fruit share and to add any shares, just go ahead and add what you wish. 

Also, this sign up will stay open for at least three weeks. No need to decide right now, you can consider the options and make any changes later on. Maybe it makes the most sense to make changes for the first of June. In that case, mark the calendar to sign up on May 28th and it will be effective for June 2 delivery. 

Thanks a big bunch!