Our last week for 2017- TapRoot Farms - Week 48

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It is that time of the year again when mud meets snow on the farm, it comes with mixed emotions as the year was full of challenges, yet we seemed to have survived. The thought of entering into the cold winter and starting the process over again fills me full of hope and anxiousness. Thank you all for sharing 2017 with us and I hope you enjoy your last share from the farm. And I hope you will be joining us again...🙂 




Thank you for taking the time throughout the year to complete the survey's. It has been very helpful to get a sense of how we are doing in your eyes. Fewer members than ever completed the survey's this year. This may be because we are all bombarded with things to do at our computers. We understand for sure. If there is anything you'd like us to be aware of, please, be it on a survey, an email, a phone call, or facebook message, we'd like to hear it. It does matter to us and we do try and make the changes that are suggested. 

Looking ahead to 2018 there are a few changes. 1) After your feedback and after experiencing it, we have decided to leave the large share options available to you for the winter. Having the two sizes is good for the winter, the small was just a bit too small for those larger families, we hear you and thank you for being patient as we tested this out. 2) We are looking forward to a few new locations in 2018 and that means a few location changes. Also, a few locations will merge into one also creating change for some members.

Each year our farming adventures present new challenges. Josh and I are trying our best to get it right. We are always balancing learning new practices, improving, testing and adapting all working toward the purpose to evolve the farm so we can all have good food to eat and new to the farm in 2018, fibre to cloth us. 

Thank you for sharing the year  with us. 

Take Good Care! 


ps. please let us know your thoughts.... end of year survey


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Grate Radish Salad


Honey Roasted Parsnips and Carrots


Full Monty


Fruit Meat