Outside Pick-Up Option Details

Hello CSA Members Picking up at Alderney & Sante:

After considering the options and implications here is our current plan: 

The helpful staff at Noggins Sante and Noggins Alderney are willing to make pickup outside of the building possible. This means we don't need to reorganize the delivery schedule so that I can be there to do 'from the van' pickup. (this helps me by not having to come to the city twice)

If you wish to pickup outside, please come to the pickup location between 1 PM and 4 PM. Call 902.404.4400 for Sante and/or 902.237.7466 for Alderney. Tell our staff your name as it appears on the CSA list. One of the staff will bring out your share to you. They will place it on the cement side walk area off to the side of the main entrance. We need to place the box down and then you pick it up so we maintain a safe distance. You can transfer the items if you wish to leave the box with our staff members. 

There are two more thoughts. One, if we can all work to be patient as the staff incorporate this new service that will be helpful. They will prioritize getting the share out to you, but we may have a few learning bumps. We will hire more staff for this period of time if we are not able to keep up. So please do feel free to provide us with feedback so we know how it is going. AND two, if you could double check that you have what you should have in terms of eggs, meat, share or any addon's/online orders, just so you can help support our staff in providing you with your full order. 

I do hope you find this accommodation helpful and effective.

Thank you so much!


ps. here is a further note from Grace at Sante Centre Noggins: At our location, for online orders we typically leave the boxes on the curb by where their car is parked and they pick it up. If they request to be put in their trunk, they have to open and close, and wait in their vehicle or far away from us while we put the box in their trunk. We also use our cart and wheel it out so they can pick up from the cart. We can follow the same protocols for CSA members. We know a good chunk of our CSA members so we will ensure they leave with everything they ordered as well as add ons if there are any. We will let you know if there are any issues and we can work it out for next week.

pps. If you come earlier or later and wish to have outside pickup please feel free to still call. It is during these hours that we have additional staff on to help make it easier, but please don't feel you can't ask if it is later than 4pm. I have set this time because it will be the best time for the staff, but not to be totally limiting to you.