PICK CHANGE (important)

Good Afternoon CSA Members at Alderney Landing Noggins,

Now that the 15 week summer session is over, I would like to get back into the flow of taking one van to the city. This means a few changes to pickup times. 

I hope this is not too much of an inconvenience for you but I would like to change the pickup time at Noggins Alderney Landing to be from 4PM - close on Wednesday.  Also, I will unload the shares inside for you to pickup from the Noggins staff at the shop. This way I can carry on with the home deliveries in metro before heading back home. If you have a conflict with this can you please let me know and we can see what is possible for you? Sarah mentioned that many of you come later in the afternoon anyway so I am really hopeful it can work out smoothly for us all. They can hold it for you there in the cooler over night if coming later does not work for you. It would be ideal to know how many people will need this so I can inform them. Thanks! 

ALSO, we will not deliver on Remembrance Day. We will deliver on Thursday November 12th. 

To recap,

Thanks so much,