Pickup Today Halifax

Good Morning,

Just a reminder that your pickup is today at Noggins Booth at Seaport, Grainery, The Loop, Oxford Edgewood United Church and at Highland Drive.

Highland Drive Butchery is not open yet for business but Jessi is there today for the share drop off. If possible, for the next couple of weeks until they are open it would be great for her if you are able to get their earilier vs later, if possible:)

Just a reminder to be in touch with us if you have questions, the drop off locations are all volunteers and are running their own businesses.

Meat shares are also coming this week.

At Seaport, they will be in bags in coolers.

At the Loop and Highland Drive, they will be in brown boxes with your name on the outside.

At the Grainery they will be in boxes and coolers - so please give enough time to be able to find the bag with your name on it.

At Oxford - Justine will be there.

We are researching insulated bags for the meat share to be transported in. They are kept frozen in freezers until we depart.

e-newsletter to follow shortly.

Enjoy the day!