Planning for 2016

Good Afternoon TapRoot and Off the Hook members:

We are starting to plan for 2016. One of the first things I do when planning for next year is check in on the locations we have.

Before we can launch sign up we need to have the locations and days sorted out. 

Are there locations that you would like us to consider for the 2016 season?

If you have ideas for new locations or feedback on current location could you please send it along to us. 

If you currently host a location, are you happy to continue to do so or do you want a break?

We have had requests to move to other parts of the province - ie. Truro or South Shore. Do you know of people who might be interested in those areas. It is a long way to go so I am considering what the cost for delivery would need to be. Also, right now we have one delivery van so how to fit in additional routes is something I am not sure about. I am willing to explore new opportunities for sure. 

Your thoughts/ideas are greatly appreciated. 

Enjoy the week -end!