Registration too low for UMC location

Hi folks,

I felt there was sufficient interest in the Hydrostone area to open a second location for 2014, but now that registration is done, I see there are not enough registrations to make this a new location. :(

However, luckily there is a backup plan: I can just barely squeeze you all in to the Highland Drive location!  (It is a small space, and we try to be as respectful as possible, despite the fact that we take it over every Tuesday!)

So, this is just to let you know that I have had to move your registration location to Highland Drive Storehouse, 5544 Kaye Street Tuesdays from 4 - 6 PM

If this does not work for you, please email me and let me know asap!

The first pickup day for you is April 1.  :)  More specific CSA details to follow in another email soon.


Teri Dillon
farm (902) 542-3277
cell (902) 698-9759
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