I knew I forget something.... two things:

1) Fiddleheads are in the shares this week. Usually when you get fiddleheads they have been rinsed. I totally forgot to get them rinsed before asking Michael  and Jeffery to bag them up. Please give them a good rinse/soak before you cook them. ALSO....if you have never eaten them before please be sure to steam/saute/roast them until they are cooked through. 

2) The beet greens are dirty. Rarely do we put unwashed veggies in your share and this week I have put in two things. Oh my goodness! We were running out of time harvesting, bunching and prepping for shares and so I opted for us to put them in without washing. I am regretting it already. Sorry in advance and I will not do that again! Promise. The up side is they are super fresh.