September 1, 2021

Good Morning TapRoot CSA Members,

Just a note to say welcome to September. 

It is amazing to me that we are here already with all of the new beginnings that September brings. 

Josh is loading the van now. Patrick and Ashley are bagging greens. Kingsley, Martel, Bolo and Linden are harvesting some romaine and green leaf lettuce that decided to bolt instead of grow. It is an issue with late August plantings. There will be a few small heads saved for sale at the market. Cornelius, Bobby and Cocotea are bagging sweet corn for me to drop at Noggins on my way there to get the pallets of shares ready for distribution today. 

To be honest, I am starting this day feeling tired out. We are so short staffed that the demands in the day are much more. I will adjust or accept, one or the other. First thing this morning I wrote 'it is a brand new day' and that mustered up in me a smile. It is a brand new day and I want to face it with a smile and openness in my heart. It is the first day of September, a special day indeed. 

Wishing you all a wonderful day ahead! Enjoy your CSA box this week. Organic apples, peaches, leeks, tomatoes, and more...... 

If you are getting too many tomatoes please rinse them, cut out the stem and pop them in your freezer for use later. 

In gratitude to you and our team who work to provide us our food,