September 9, 2014 TapRoot CSA Newsletter

News from the farm: September 8 - 13, 2014

Some of the TapRoot Crew has been having lunch outside in Canard under the big tree for months now. Baby Gilbert came by to visit this week. Tim Carr and I were inside looking out at this sweet moment.

Take Note:

Last week while we were getting wholesale orders ready on Thursday, the guys arrived in with a load of peas. Sometimes the farm yard is just such a flurry of activity it is amazing. We have moved all of the packing activity to 451 Canard Street. When Josh got sick this summer it pushed a few changes that we'd been thinking about but hadn't acted on yet. One was moving all the washing, sorting, and packing activity to Canard and the other was kicking the lunch room out of the living room of the house. The shift has not been easy. A new way forward is presenting itself.
The flax harvest has started. This marks year two in our quest to grow clothes on the farm. It rained on the weekend and we didn't want to mess up the drying so we moved it inside the tunnel. That is all garlic and some onions along the side. Mike, the designer/engineer helped to harvest some flax last week. It is good that he was able to come get his hands on the crop and get a feel for it. The first prototype of the first piece of equipment is hopefully being built this week.
This is the time of year we start to say good bye to a few of the TapRoot team. Calvin headed home on Friday last week. He has been working with us for over 10 years. We are sad to see him go but know that he is very happy at home with Danette, family and friends. Valarie made us dinner for his sending off meal - Thanks Val!.
Lily (grade 4), Frank (grade 2) and Izaak
(grade 7) started back to school. I was thinking of all of you who have littles ones going back to school. It is this week that I am concerned about....we will all be tired by tomorrow I am sure. Have a great couple weeks getting back into the groove.

Your Advice - Thanks For Sharing:

Hi Patricia,
I wasn't sure who to send this to, so I am sending this e-mail to you.

I have been using a great book, The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard, to make batches of preserves from the CSA goodies. Do you folks at TapRoot know about this book? It has recipes for the more traditional jams and jellies, salsas and chutneys as well as microwave recipes, freezer recipes that do not have to be canned, and loads of other interesting things to try out. All the recipes are for small batches, so it's easy to make them from the CSA produce without having to go out and buy much more. So far, I have canned some Shiro plums in a plum conserve, zucchini in a BBQ relish, used some CSA celery in my tomatillo salsa, and peaches and apples in a chutney. It has been great!

The book is available at the HRM public libraries, but I finally bought my own copy this week. The authors have been on Maritime Noon on CBC radio in the past, too. Their canning instructions are easy for a beginner to follow.

That is my promotion for this awesome book! I hope that some of the other CSA members can get their hands on a copy and try out some of the recipes.


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This sunflower is growing just off Valarie's driveway.