Share Deliveries

Good day all,

All Monday deliveries are also a go today (Wednesday). EXCEPT St. Marks pickup will start today at 4:45 and goes until 6 PM.

Hawthorne St. and St. Peters locations please look for Justine in a grey minivan. St. Mark's locations look for Patricia in either the blue Subaru or grey Matrix. 

Mariposa deliveries are happening tomorrow (Thursday) They will arrive at Mariposa after 2:30 PM.  

Many thanks, and again, if this will not work for you please fire off an email to Justine and let her know if you'd rather double up next week or select a different location this week. And again, if you choose another location just be sure to watch the blog and facebook for any updates in the event we have more changes we need to make related to weather this week. I really hope not:))

Take Care,