Share thoughts this week

Good Morning,

I was writing up this note yesterday and then the thunder and lightening came and so I turned off the computer and went home. What an event it was! 

At our home farm on Church Street we got big hail for about 60 seconds. It has damaged everything green. As I was walking about last night in the rain looking at the damage I was comforted by a feeling of trust that the plants have healing powers and it will all work out. Nature is powerful and does heal itself. 

What I wanted to say last night was about the garlic scapes. In the share this week there is a big bag of scapes. If you feel it is too much to use this week, my suggestion is to take 30 minutes to trim the ends, chop up and freeze for use in the weeks ahead. You can also chop them up, add olive oil and blend with the food processor until they are a thick paste. You can add some of the chard or kale if you like or spinach or basil if you have it. We use a 1/2 cup scoop and place a scoop on a baking sheet with parchment paper, freeze and then bag them up once frozen. You may like a smaller portion size. This is a really quick and easy way to have pesto year round. Then when you want to use it, thaw (which is a quick thaw), add nuts, cheese, garlic, and other greens if you want, blend and enjoy. 

Veggie share members - you got a big bag of basil - so maybe you will want to do the above for use in January:) 

Fruit share members - sweet cherries can be frozen too and make a great treat. Take off the stem, rinse and lay out on the baking sheet to freeze then bag them up. You can then offer them as a snack in a bowl year round. Let them thaw a little and snack away. 

This morning while it is raining the farm team is inside the tunnels working. Mowing the lawn between the grape tomatoes, pruning, weeding, and taking care of the space. 

We have more to do than we can get done with our crew. There just are not enough people for the work. We are coming to terms that even though we reduced production on various things this year, we still can't manage it all with 15 people this time of year, we need more help. SO....this means that choices are being made about what gets done and it feels stressful. Of course we are wishing we could do it all and do it all well. The next big priority after getting the sweet cherries harvested is the garlic. The garlic is ready to be pulled. It will be a large bit of work to harvest it all and get it set out to cure. We do have job advertisements out. It truly is hard to find people willing to work on a farm. I am so tremendously grateful for the team we have working here. Bob, Betty, Tim, Malcolm and Katelyn who work year round and Chris, Ashley, Wesley, Cocotea, Patrick, Cornelius, Courtney, Mark, Bobby, Babo, Bolo, Kingsley, Linden and Martel who come from Jamaica each year for the season. Sheena and Leigh full time for the summer and a few part time teenagers 8 hours a week. Fingers crossed that Pheobe and Melvin will return soon from Newfoundland. 

Wishing you all a great day! The rain does provide a bit of calm for the nerves. It is nice to be soothed by the pattering of rain drops. 

Many thanks!


(your middle aged woman farmer)