Sharing the Season

Happy Monday All,

We have run into a an unfortunate situation.

We are not sure what is going on but the red onions are not storing - they are rotting. This is major as we hoped to have them all winter long for you. 

They were started from seed in the green houses, transplanted onto black plastic mulch, hand weeded all season, hand harvested, placed to cure in the green house on wire tables, put into storage and boom they are breaking down. Josh is sending samples off to see what we can learn about what or why this is happening. 

The farm team this morning has been sorting as best they can the red onions. Josh came into the office and suggested it is time to call on you, the CSA members, to a)be informed about what is happening and b) to plan to trim out the bad spots on the onions you will get in your share. The whole onion isn't bad, but some spots. 

There are about 10 bins of red onions. This is a big loss for us all. 

When you get your onions - please consider processing them - or peeling and cutting away the soft spots and then store in the fridge. OR consider sauteing them and freezing for use each day. If you process right away then I really think you will be able to save a lot of the onion. 

Sorry for the bad news on Monday. On a very positive note - it is lovely out today on the farm and we are so thankful to have a great team here who is able to sort and pack and make it all happen each day! 

We'd really appreciate if you can share this with us and not send "bad apple" reports on the onions. We are doing the best we can with this situation -  we really don't want to throw them all away when a small part of the onion is soft. 

Thanks so much!

Along the top right hand edge of the cut onion is where this onions is soft - you can see it is a bit darker. The rest of it is just fine.