Squash for Supper! and other vegetable share wisdom

Happy Monday, happy daylight savings, and happy start of November to you all! 

Your shares this week have some "special" items that need some explaining! 

The first of those "special" items (for the large and full monty members) is spaghetti squash. Our spaghetti squash is on it's last legs...it's never a fantastic feeling to send you folks something that is not in it's prime. So for that I do apologize. Then I dig down past my initial gut feelings, and think deeply about the nature of a CSA. For me the CSA is a model where we are all in a local food system together,  we are sharing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to eating our veggies, and this week just turns out to be a little uglier than usual. 

The cool wet fall was a little hard on some of the earlier squash varieties and it turns out the Spaghetti squash did not store as well as it has in previous years. All-that-being-said the squash is still good to eat! It just means that it would be best if spaghetti squash is first veggie you cook up, out of your shares this week. 

Following the same "The good, the bad, the ugly" trend, the second "special" item in your shares this week are the 2nd mixed potatoes. Our potato crop was definitely smaller then desired, we have already packed-

and sold all of our red potato and yellow potato varieties. So that leaves us with 7 bins of white potatoes, 3 bins of russet and 15 bins of yellow fingerlings to make it through the winter (we usually go through about 1 bin of each potato variety per week).  

With the weather/field choice/ effecting the size of the potato crop is also played a role in the overall quality of our potatoes, leaving us with a large amount of second potatoes. Seconds meaning the vegetable is not aesthetically fit for sale in grocers or farm markets. We usually donate the majority of our seconds to soup kitchens here in the valley, but with the large amount of seconds and small amount of sellable potatoes this week, everyone is getting a good helping of "ugly" potatoes.

Your potatoes may have some scabs or scaring on skin, they may have a small cut or bruise. These can easily be peeled away or cut out and the potato is till perfectly fit for eating. Since we have a pallet of second potatoes, you may get a little medley of Russet, Yellow, Yellow Fingerling or White potatoes in your shares this week. 

Ok, we have made it through the hard part!

The final "special" item, in your shares this week are brussel sprouts...on the stock! Instead of bagging the 1 lbs of brussel sprouts for everyone, we have decided to leave the little sprouts attached to their stock. This is how we would initially harvest our sprouts, leaving them attached reduces the labour costs involved in picking, and packing each brussel sprout individually. For you folks it simply means you pluck the sprout off the stock when you are ready to eat them (think corn husking..but less of a silky mess!) Enjoy! 


If anyone has questions/comments etc. let me know :) And I hope you enjoy your veggies this week!