Staple Share change to bi-weekly?

Hi folks!

We have had a lot of feedback that the staple share would be better suited to people's households if it were a bi-weekly offering instead of weekly.  We are considering changing it and I wanted to get some feedback from you about this- please email me if you feel strongly one way or the other about this.

The proposed change would mean that your staple share would decrease to twice per month (on non-meat weeks), same size share (3 lbs of potatoes, carrots, apples, 1 lb onions) and the cost would go down by half to match the half as many deliveries.

There would still be the option to add on a staple share on the "off" weeks.

Please let me know your thoughts - we don't like to change the share after sign up has begun, but we would like to make sure the share is working for everyone, and feel like this might make a difference.


Teri Dillon
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