Stinging Nettles in your TapRoot CSA

Spring Time Fresh Stinging Nettles

In your share boxes this week will be a bag of nettles. 

This supergreen (higher in protein than most greens and 3x more fiber and calcium than kale) is good wilted and added as a green to stir frys, soups, smoothies, used as a tea, and more. Personally, I like them on their own, wilted with butter and cider vinegar.

Handled without gloves they will give you a bit of a sting, so either dump them directly into hot water from the bag (the hot water neutralizes the sting), or handle them with gloves on.

Note: If you are taking medication for high blood pressure please contact your health care provider before eating nettles. 


Recipes (click on the picture to go to the recipe): Stinging nettles pesto, and stinging nettle soup.