Storm Day = Share Day Delay (move to Thursday)

Good morning CSA members,

What a lovely snow fall. We are snowed right in here at the farm. Josh took the tractor over to get the morning animal chores completed. When he returns we will settle in and complete the 2021 production plan that has been awaiting our attention. It is a bit later than usual to put the final touch's on the plan so it will be good to finish it. Right away, like tomorrow, we want to start seeding spinach to have ready for the tunnels in a number of weeks. 

CSA PICK - THURSDAY. Because no one can make it in to work today, it means that we will not have veggies ready for share making tomorrow, Tuesday. Therefore I am asking us all to push everything ahead one day. We will prep veggies on Tuesday, build the shares on Wednesday and deliver them on Thursday. 

In other news:

I believe it was January 29th when the Prime Minister announced no more flights to or from the Caribbean effective Sunday January 31st. I heard it at 2 PM on the radio and had a minor anxiety attack. Went to the office to look it up and emails were flying. At 4 PM MP Kody Blois hosted a zoom call with farmers. The federation of agriculture and horticulture NS send out links for us to join the call. We did. The zoom call calmed my nerves because I could see that the gov't was also working on sorting out how to ensure people could get to work. Since then we have received emails saying that flights from Mexico City Mexico and Kingston Jamaica are still going, but all other areas are not. Already the steps required for everyone to come to work is a new set of tasks for us all. It will become a new routine. But then to hear that the flights were cancelled, that was really upsetting. This week Josh and I were interviewed and the next day Patrick and Chris were interviewed. Here are the links if you would like to have a listen.

As far as we know right now, there are no changes to the flights for the men who work at TapRoot Farms. Although if I had a choice, I would choose direct flights to Halifax and direct to isolation vs travel through Toronto. We will however be vigilant and thankful no matter how it all unfolds. 

We put out a three job ad's this winter. One to hire a person to spin yarn in the spinning mill. Sara is now working at the TapRoot Fibre Spinning Mill in Greenwich and is working away at processing One Sheep, One Fleece, One Yarn, yarns from our 22 sheep. When we finish with the wool we will move on to spinning flax. It is such a great feeling having Sara onboard and making lovely yarn from the sheep at TapRoot. The other two positions were for warehouse workers and we were able to find two people, thank you, thank you, thank you! We had very few applicants (like 5) the other were invited but never showed up to work. 

And in other more personal news: 

In mid January our car was stolen. That has really not been fun. They have never found it. They did make it as far as Halifax because there were two charges on a visa (Josh's wallet was in the car) for a total of $40 at fuel stations. Insurance has provided us with $ and so it is over but whenever I see a Toyota Matrix I feel a little sad. We purchased that car brand new in 2011 so we would have one reliable vehicle to come and go with. It was a great car. Now I think it will be best for the farm to try and find a used mini van so people can go to and from work. That has been a strange adventure. 

Jack, our 8 year old jack russell had a tumble with the Purolator truck. I was presenting on a webinar, on flax production, and Lily came in exclaiming that the purolator truck driver said he ran over him (poor person). Off to the vet clinic we went. He was clearly in a lot of shock, but nothing broken. After 3 hours of fluids, heat and observation he came home and is doing just fine. If my adrenals were on holiday that got them working again. 

And finally, last week on Sunday Izaak called us from the ambulance. Oh boy.  Izaak is our oldest, 19 years old. He moved to Kimberley BC to teach snow boarding. He busted up his shoulder and required surgery that was not possible until yesterday because the Cranbrook hospital is so busy. It has been hard to manage my emotions wishing so much I could be there to mother him. It is interesting what I take comfort in. For example, the taxi service in Kimberley is owned my a Cape Bretoner. I learned this when I arranged for a Christmas present of groceries to be delivered to Izaak. Just knowing this makes me feel better some how. 

It has certainly been an adventurous bunch of weeks. AND now here we are into the 2nd week of February. I am thankful for this morning, sitting here finally writing  to you all.

I wanted to share that the waterwelon radish are finished. It was a struggle to get what we got  for shares last week because they were breaking down so much. I really hope you enjoyed them. I have found them a fresh and colourful treat this winter.  

OH....and the goats have started to kid.  (so cute)

And the snow is beautiful. 

And we are filled with gratitude for the gift of CSA members, great staff, and a community of supporters of local and organic food production. 

And I am finishing this note just in time to start reviewing the seeding plan for 2021. First spinach, then it will be celeriac and leeks, then on to onions....... 

Many thanks and love to you all! 



(your middle aged woman farmer)