Hi All,

The strawberries ripened down at Kilany Farms sooner than we were expecting and Josh asked if I would want some for the shares this week. I wasn't planning on it, but sometimes things ripen sooner than we plan. So I said sure. As you may know Kilany Farms is the new farm that we are working with to mentor Amhed, the new farmer. As with all new things, there is a steep learning curve. Unfortunately the berries did not get a dose of the necessary fungicide (good and bad I suppose) because they are breaking down really fast. Also the weather has not been ideal for rot sneaking in. 

If you haven't already, please haul, trim and either eat or freeze them right away. I have had three bad apple emails and I am sure others of you will have a few bad berries. If you have a few bad berries, please toss them and carry on. If you the whole quart is bad and nothing to be salvaged, then send me a bad apple report and we will replace them. 

I am sorry for this. It as not our intention for this to happen. 

Also I didn't put the garlic in the fruit and veggie shares this week because the value ended up being quite a bit higher so we will get that garlic in next week. I was making changes on the fly.  

Thanks a bunch,