Sunday update

Good Day CSA Members,

It has been a rocking few days (storms and stories to tell). High five and many thanks to those who have joined again for another year with us. 

If you haven't and you want to, please log-in and click on sign-up. 

You will note that there are no eggs - egg share members I will be in touch with you directly. They haven't sold out. I haven't posted them yet.

As I mentioned last week - there are some changes to locations and to share options so please review carefully. Staple shares and flower shares are no longer offered. Also it is one size fruit share. We've increased prices of the veggie shares. We've added locations and removed some. Thanks for your understanding as we get things set up for another year on the farm. 

For those of you who are interested to know where we are right now here are the percent of members who have purchased again - Full Monty 35%, Large Veggie 29%, Small Veggie 24%, Fruit share 31% and Meat 42%. I dream that one day we will be at 100% together with you each year ~ maybe one day.

Josh and I are over at the farm getting things ready for the week ahead and enjoyed doing the chores this morning with our kids.

Take note this week of the frozen tomatoes in your share. Check your share and coolers to be sure you collect your bag of frozen tomatoes.

Have a great day!



(Izaak, Josh and Lily feeding the pigs this morning)