Sweet Cherry U-pick - limited time

Attention CSA members!

This year we have a sweet cherry crop like never before. We could not have anticipated having this many sweet cherries. We do not have enough staff to harvest them all and so we are inviting you to come u-pick sweet cherries.

We are asking $1.50 per lb, however, if you are picking for a food bank or a gleaner group or an individual making food accessible to others please come harvest what you can and pay what you can.

The sweet cherries are crop we grow together Noggins Corner Farm. We grow them together in what is called a crop share. We both bring resources to produce and sell the crop.

We will be available to host you to pick between 8 AM and 8 PM today through Sunday. After Sunday we figure the cherries will be too far advanced in their ripeness.

Look for a sandwich board on Canard Street directing you to the sweet cherries. Go to 600 Canard Street, Port Williams. This is the civic address to the house beside the cherries. Enter into that driveway and stay to the right, heading down to the orchard. The orchard is at the end of the corn.

If you must park on the street, please park only on one side of the street to ensure that large farm machinery can get through.

There may be someone in the orchard with a scale and cash float, if not come back here to 451 Canard street and we will weigh up your cherries for you.

Please bring containers to pick into!

No advance warning needed, just feel free to come and pick cherries here at the farm this week.

Feel free to share this along to your friends and family!

Happy Wednesday,