THIS WEEK 2nd Maple Syrup Bulk Purchase

CSA Members,

At our team meeting a few weeks was suggested that some of you would like this opportunity again . Hutchinson's was also asking me. So here we go....This week we are offering a 2nd Maple Syrup bulk purchase - ordering ends on Sunday Nov 30th

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on Bulk Purchase
  3. Order as many as you like.
  4. To be delivered Dec 1-6 at your CSA pickup.

December 2014: This is our 2nd special bulk buy opportunity for Maple Syrup. 

We hope that by including members in the ordering we will be able to reach the minimum order of $1000 (40 bottles needed total) and pass along the savings to you also. If we can get 40 members to buy together we are able to offer them at $27.00!

This idea came up as a way provide benefits to CSA members of bulk purchase discounts along with supporting a local producer. For this bulk purchase option you are able to save $10.00 (most retail locations the cost is around $37)

Please order this as an add-on by selecting how many you would like. They will be delivered one week only December 1-6

Any questions please email us at - Thanks a Bunch!