Good Afternoon CSA Members:

Dinah's Sourdough is undergoing some really exciting changes. In order to facilitate the new changes they are closed this week. 

I will be there as per usual from 12 - 12:45 on Wednesday. 

For this week if you can not make it to the pickup by 12:45 can you be in touch so we can sort out a plan. There are a couple options I am thinking: 

1) I leave it outside the door at Dinah's in the corner by the window. There will be people there working about and I feel quite confident no one will take or touch your food. 2) leave your share at another location that works for you ie. Sante Centre, The Loop, Seaport, Alderney Landing Noggins. 3) if close by to Dinah's, provide a home delivery this week, or 4) credit you for this week and not deliver or 5) some other option I have not considered. 

Can you be in touch if we need to make a plan? (email please by Tuesday at 5) 

 AND also

The week of Remembrance Day, we will deliver on Thursday the 12th. 

Thanks a bunch,


(902 670 3272 is my cel number if you need it)