TapRoot CSA - Friday Check In


Organic Tomatoes!

We still have lots of Roma Tomatoes so if you are thinking of canning or freezing any you haven't missed your chance!

Organic Roma Tomatoes - 20lbs - $25.00

Organic 2nd Roma Tomatoes - 20lbs - 12.50 

Saturday, November 4th - 2:00-3:00 PM
Field Walk with your TapRoot Farmers.
Take a walk with Patricia and Josh of TapRoot Farms. Join us as we wander through the fields, tunnels, greenhouses, and barn at 451 Canard street. Come back throughout the year and see how much the farm changes, season to season.
Guided tour starts at 2:00 PM. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for walkig though fields. We will walk rain or shine. This year we will have a shorter trail. Large wheeled stroller or backpacks are best. For our on farm food safety it's best to leave the four legged friend at home.

It's my (Justine's) last day here at the farm before my maternity leave. I'm looking forward to the time away, but will miss my farm family!

Have a great weekend! Justine