TapRoot CSA - Friday Check in

In the Friday check in this week:


Sweet Cherry Bulk Buy

Buy 10lbs of sweet cherries this week, and preserve them for the winter.

Cherries freeze really well. Pit them and lay them out on a baking tray to freeze, once frozen they can all go into a bag.

Great for smoothies, in baking where you would use fresh cherries, or for a naturally sweet snack.

10 lbs sweet cherries - $45.00

Ground Cherries

We harvested the first of our ground cherries today. If you haven't has a ground cherry before, they are a sweet fruit in a papery husk and taste a bit like pineapple.

They can be cooked into desserts, but are super fun to eat fresh. You just pop them out of the papery husk, and enjoy.

227 g ground cherries for $7 (about 1 and a half pints)

454 g of ground cherries for $14.00 (about 3 pints)

Noggins Corner Farm Peaches

10 lbs Peaches - $15

3 L basket Peaches - $6

10 lbs Second Peaches - $6 - 2nd peaches are ideal for eating and preserving - you will need to cut out some bad spots but they are still delicious! 

Don't be alarmed by the split pits - or the few earwigs that may present. It is all good - totally normal for peach harvest!

TapRoot Member Pizza Night in the Park

Sunday, September 10th, 4-6 PM

We are super excited to be offering this event again this year. 

Join us for an afternoon at the Leighton Dillman Park Oven Garden and Orchard, 36 Park Ave, Dartmouth. Come for 4 and plan to be baking and eating until 6 or so. Last year we had quite a line up, so this year we will be giving out tickets when you arrive, your ticket will be called up and then you will be able to come make and bake your pizza. Depending on how many members want to come there may be a bit of a wait, so best to bring a blanket, some snacks, and plan to hang out in the beautiful park. Long time CSA member and friend of the farm, Lorrie Rand, will lead us in baking our own pizzas in the wood fired community oven. Bring all of your fixings or pizza (dough, toppings, plates, silverware). If you have extra toppings you can leave them at the table to share with others. Thin crust style pizza and keeping the toppings light works best in the wood fired oven. We will bring tomatoes to share. There is a water spout in the park but water bottles or other drinks are a good idea.

More information about the oven and how it works at : www.parkoven.ca/planning/

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Please RSVP so we can get a good idea of numbers.

Egg share notice:

A note about egg shares for those of you who receive eggs. We have started getting eggs from the new laying hens we got a few weeks back. When chickens start to lay they lay really small eggs, called pullet eggs. We have decided to spread these pullet eggs out between all the share members, so you will probably start getting one or two in your egg shares starting this week. The pullet eggs will gradually get larger over a moth or so. Our older layers are becoming less productive by the day, so these hens have starting laying just in time! 

Thanks and have a great day,