TapRoot CSA - Friday Check in

Just arrived on add on's:

Organic Zucchini 20 lb $20.00

Organic Ground Cherries 5 lb $22.50

Organic Grape Tomatoes 10 lb $22.50

Organic Roma Tomatoes 20 lb $25.00

Organic Green Onions 24 bunches $37.50

Non Organic Sweet Corn 5 dozen $20.00


Afishionado's fresh frozen fish, 8 oz portions.

-Pollock, caught in Digby - $5.50

-Haddock, hook and line caught in Digby - $7.25

Help TapRoot Farms Celebrate Organic Week 2017!
Join us at TapRoot for a Farm Walk on Wednesday, September 20th at 6PM, please see details in the poster below.