TapRoot CSA - Friday Check in

The tomatoes are still beautiful and lots are coming out of the tunnels.

These 'field' tomatoes (grown in the tunnels this year), are available in 20lb boxes.

We are offering a new automatic renewal option for 2018 CSA shares.

If you'd like for us to renew your membership, or if you would like to sign up for a full monty (numbers are limited), please click here.

Thanksgiving is next weekend! This weeks vegetable shares will include yellow potatoes, carrots, turnip, parsnip, roma tomatoes, bok choy (lg and full monty only), and eggplant. For the rest of your thanksgiving meal needs check out the newest addition to the add on's

New this week add on's:

Licensed Free Range Turkey - More info below!!

Organic Brussels Sprouts: 1 lb $4.50

Organic Bunched Leeks: 1.5lbs $3.75

Organic Red Onions: 900g $5.00

Organic Yellow Onions: 900g $5.00

Organic Buttercup squash: $3.00

Organic Ambercup squash: $3.00

Organic Acorn Squash: 2 for $3.00

Pie Pumpkins: $2

This is along with the items we already have on there including, potatoes by the pound, 2nd garlic, parsley, chard, kale, and more. Log into your account through our website to add these and more to your delivery next week.

Thanksgiving Turkeys!

We have grown NON GMO grain fed and licensed free range turkeys and will have them available for delivery next week only through your add on account.

They range from 7.5-11lbs @ $4.50 per lb. Please e-mail if you have a preference for a larger or smaller turkey.

We are picking up these turkeys from the butcher on Saturday and will freeze them before they arrive to you next week.

We will correct your invoice to the exact amount owing once we have your turkey weighed and labelled. Please do not pay until we have finalized your invoice, prior to delivery. 

Many thanks!